The project

The people's wind turbine.
The main objective of the Living from the air of the sky is to install a wind turbine of shared ownership, which can generate clean and green electricity, making possible the solidarity between people living in urban areas and those living in rural areas.
An additional objective is to enable people and/or families to demonstrate that the energy they use in their everyday life is green and clean, build in the location where the turbine will be installed.
The cost of installation and commissioning is covered with the participation of the people, both individuals and/or families living in urban or rural, and non for profit organizations.
The site chosen is within the municipality of Pujalt (Anoia, Catalunya), for the good wind conditions, easy access and accessibility to the medium voltage network.
The chosen wind turbine model is Enercon E-103 EP2, a wind machine specially designed for low wind areas.
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